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30 Yummy High Protein Breakfast Recipes To Kickstart Your Day

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If you’re looking for the perfect meal to kick-start your day, then a nice, nutritious and tasty high protein breakfast is definitely a good way to go.

Not only will it give you the much needed boost to help you power through the day’s tasks, but it’ll also keep you fuller for longer, among other things.

Whether you’re looking to burn fat, eat better, or just curb those annoying mid-day hunger cravings, a healthy and satiating breakfast definitely helps.

In this post, we’ve gathered a nice collection of 30 incredible high protein breakfast recipes for you to enjoy.

These healthy protein-rich breakfasts are super quick and easy to prepare, and incredibly tasty and satisfying.

And don’t worry. It’s not all eggs and omelettes. There are lots of different options to try out. Vegan and plant-based options are also included.

Bon appetit.

30 Delicious High Protein Breakfast Recipes

1) Low Carb Protein Pancakes

Low Carb Protein Pancakes
Via: Healthy Substitute

Who says pancakes can’t be made healthier? These low carb pancakes are way healthier than your regular ones, and every bit as tasty.

Made with a mix of cottage cheese, eggs and protein powder, and topped with tasty chocolate chips, they’re truly hard to resist. 

These yummy pancakes pack about 21g of protein per serving, and under 7g carbs.

Get the recipe at – Healthy Substitute

2) High Protein Breakfast Power Bowl

High Protein Breakfast Power Bowl
Via: All Nutritious

Looking for a healthier way to satisfy your sweet tooth? Then this breakfast power bowl is just the thing.

It features a nutritious and protein-rich oatmeal, topped with tasty berries, nuts, seeds and Greek yoghurt. It’s not only super delicious, nutrient packed, and comes together in a snap.

This tasty breakfast packs an impressive 34g of protein, and takes only 10 minutes to prepare.

Get the recipe at – All Nutritious

3) No Bake Protein Breakfast Energy Bites

No Bake Protein Breakfast Energy Bites
Via: Ahead Of Thyme

You don’t even need to turn on your oven for this one, or any cooker for that matter. These tasty energy bites are literally the easiest thing to prepare, and they can be enjoyed on the go as well.

Made with a mix of oats, peanut butter, chocolate and a couple of tasty nuts, these energy bites sure to keep you full and satisfied. Each ball packs nearly 6g of protein, and lots of nutritional goodness.

Get the recipe at – Ahead Of Thyme

4) Veggie Omelettes

Veggie Omelettes
Via: Favorite Family Recipes

Of course there’s no going wrong with some good old veggie omelettes. Super quick and easy to prepare, and very tasty depending on your choice of filling.

This version uses a mix of mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, and cheese, and also shows you a couple more other amazing variations to try out.

Get the recipe at – Favorite Family Recipes

5) No-Bake Breakfast Cookies

No-Bake Breakfast Cookies
Via: I Heart Naptime

Simple is the name of the game when it comes to these incredible no-bake breakfast cookies. They require only 5 simple ingredients, and come out as tasty as can be.

Plus, they’re pretty easy to customize to fit your specific preferences. Whip these tasty cookies up in just about 5 minutes from scratch and enjoy. They can also be made ahead of time, and enjoyed on the go.

Get the recipe at – I Heart Naptime

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6) Mango Protein Smoothie

Mango Protein Smoothie
Via: Heavenly Home Cooking

This delicious mango protein smoothie makes for the perfect healthy breakfast or post-workout snack to enjoy. And it doesn’t even require any protein powder.

It combines Greek yoghurt, nut butter, coconut milk and mangoes into one perfect tasty meal. You only need 5 minutes to make this, and it packs a whooping 22g of protein, and without the use of any protein powder.

Get the recipe at – Heavenly Home Cooking

7) Healthy Grab and Go Protein Breakfast Boxes

Healthy Grab and Go Protein Breakfast Boxes
Via: Family Fresh Meals

Having a busy morning? Well not to worry. These grab and go breakfast boxes are the perfect thing to enjoy even on the go. 

They feature cottage cheese, eggs, berries and a tasty nut mix. Prep them way ahead of time, and simply grab and enjoy in the morning. There are also lots of variations to try out.

Get the recipe at – Family Fresh Meals

8) Southwest Protein Breakfast Bowls

Southwest Protein Breakfast Bowls
Via: Good Life Eats

These tasty bowls combine juicy bacon, with sweet potatoes, black beans, eggs, and avocados, as well as your favorite garnishes.

Not only is it super tasty, but it also comes together pretty quickly. You could whip this up in less than 15 minutes from scratch. You’ll be thanking yourself afterwards.

Get the recipe at – Good Life Eats

9) Egg White Oatmeal

Egg White Oatmeal
Via: The Clean Eating Couple

If you’re looking for a brilliant way to add more protein to your oatmeal but without the use of protein powder, then it egg white oatmeal is just the thing for you.

Egg whites are an excellent source of protein, plus they’re lower in cholesterol. And don’t worry. Your oatmeal will taste nothing like eggs.

Get the recipe at – The Clean Eating Couple

10) Vegan Breakfast Burritos

Vegan Breakfast Burritos
Via: Chocolate Covered Katie

Giving up meat, eggs, and other animal products, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start lacking protein in your meals. There are tons of amazing plant-based protein sources to enjoy.

This vegan breakfast burrito which uses a nice tofu scramble in the place of eggs, is every bit as delicious, and packs a whooping 24g of protein. And it takes less than 15 minutes to prepare as well.

Get the recipe at – Chocolate Covered Katie

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11) Apple Cinnamon High Protein Breakfast Bowl

Apple Cinnamon High Protein Breakfast Bowl
Via: The Herbeevore

This tasty and effortless breakfast will keep you satisfied for hours. It combines cinnamon-coated apples, with granola, tasty nuts, and Greek yoghurt.

Super easy to prepare, healthy and incredibly delicious too. And it comes together in just about 5 minutes.

Get the recipe at – The Herbeevore

12) Low Carb Chocolate Baked Oats

Low Carb Chocolate Baked Oats
Via: Choc Zero

Regular oats may not exactly be “low carb” or keto-friendly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the next best thing. These low carb chocolate baked oats, made with a mix of almond flour, pecans and chia seeds come out just as good as any other regular oatmeal.

Combine that with some delicious chocolate, and you have an irresistible breakfast, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

These keto-friendly oats come together in under 10 minutes from start to finish, and deliver over 30g of protein, as well as under 7g net carbs per wholesome serving.

Get the recipe at – Choc Zero

13) Meal Prep Low Carb Breakfast Hash

Meal Prep Low Carb Breakfast Hash
Via: Skinny Fitalicious

Speaking of delicious low carb meals to enjoy, this tasty breakfast has is definitely a must-try. It combines juicy ground turkey, with tasty veggies like zucchini and bell peppers, all seasoned to perfection, and decorated with your favorite toppings.

It comes together easily in under 30 minutes from scratch, and also be made ahead of time as well.

Get the recipe at – Skinny Fitalicious

14) Grab and Go Veggie Egg Cups

Grab and Go Veggie Egg Cups
Via: Healthy Seasonal Recipes

If you’re looking for tastier ways to enjoy your veggies, then these veggie egg cups are just the thing for you.

They feature an array of tasty and healthy veggies like broccoli and bell peppers, topped with enough cheesy goodness and baked to perfection in an egg mix.

This healthy high protein breakfast takes about 30 minutes to prepare, and can also be made ahead of time. Each egg cup packs about 17g of protein.

Get the recipe at – Healthy Seasonal Recipes

15) Savory Cottage Cheese Bowl

Savory Cottage Cheese Bowl
Via: Skinny Taste

Being rich in nutrients and packing a decent protein content, cottage cheese will no doubt make a great addition to your breakfast table.

This tasty meal tops it all off with variety of colorful veggies, like bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as some nuts for extra garnish. This savory cottage cheese bowl comes together in a snap, and delivers about 25g of protein.

Get the recipe at – Skinny Taste

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16) Sweet Potato Protein Breakfast Bowl

Sweet Potato Protein Breakfast Bowl
Via: Fit Mitten Kitchen

Looking to switch things up a little? This sweet potato breakfast bowl is the perfect thing. Mashed sweet potatoes are enriched with some protein powder, and topped with tasty fruits like berries and bananas.

Simple as that. And yet incredibly tasty. You can also throw in your favorite nuts, seeds, and/or chocolate into the mix. This bowl packs a decent 23g of protein.

Get the recipe at – Fit Mitten Kitchen

17) Paleo Mexican Breakfast Bowls

Paleo Mexican Breakfast Bowls
Via: Hungry Hobby

These delicious Mexican breakfast bowls are sure to satisfy your cravings, while still keeping things low carb and healthy. They combine a nice ground turkey chorizo, with cauliflower rice, avocado slices, eggs and salsa.

Super easy to whip up, and so satisfying. Each bowl packs an impressive 34g of protein.

Get the recipe at – Hungry Hobby

18) Protein Muffins

Protein Muffins
Via: The Big Man’s World

Who could resist munching on a cute little muffin like this? Plus these ones are way healthier, easier to make, and higher in protein.

These delicious protein muffins require just 5 simple ingredients, and they pack about 20g of protein per serving. They’re also low in carbs, containing just 3g net carbs per serving.

Get the recipe at – The Big Man’s World

19) Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowls

Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowls
Via: Free Your Fork

Compared to regular plain yogurt, Greek yogurt has nearly twice the protein, making it perfect for people who are trying to add more protein into their meals.

These tasty Greek yoghurt bowls are further topped with a couple more nuts and seeds (further boosting its protein and nutritional content), as well as yummy fruits that make it taste even better.

You only need about 5 minutes to get this done, and you’ll want to be having it on repeat.

Get the recipe at – Free Your Fork

20) Protein Breakfast Muffins

Protein Breakfast Muffins
Via: Eat Yourself Skinny

These muffins are another brilliant way to sneak in some healthy veggies, without settling for a boring taste. They include tasty vegetables like carrots and zucchini, alongside some Greek yoghurt, as well as other amazing ingredients.

Make a batch of these ahead of time and simply grab a couple and enjoy in the morning.

Get the recipe at – Eat Yourself Skinny

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21) Rainbow Protein Smoothie Bowl

Rainbow Protein Smoothie Bowl
Via: Diet Hood

If you prefer to eat your smoothie rather than drink it, then this rainbow smoothie bowl is ) the perfect thing for you. It features a variety of tasty fruits, like mangoes and berries, alongside healthy veggies like spinach, all topped with the best nuts and seeds.

This tasty bowl of nutritional goodness comes out at 29g of protein, and is the easiest thing to make.

Get the recipe at – Diet Hood

22) Healthy Homemade Egg McMuffin

Healthy Homemade Egg McMuffin
Via: Foodie Crush

Why bother with the drive-thru when you can make your very own Egg McMuffin at home. This version uses some juicy strips of bacon in the place of the regular meat patty.

To make this even healthier, try opting in for some whole grain muffin options. Either ways, it’s still an amazing high protein breakfast idea.

Get the recipe at – Foodie Crush

23) Simple Poached Egg and Avocado Toast

Simple Poached Egg and Avocado Toast
Via: Pinch Of Yum

And of course, there’s no going wrong with some good old egg and avocado toast. Super easy to make, delicious, and also healthy.

Whip this up easily in under 10 minutes and enjoy. A nice serving of this packs about 23g of protein.

Get the recipe at – Pinch Of Yum

24) Healthy Mexican Breakfast Bowl

Healthy Mexican Breakfast Bowl
Via: Averie Cooks

This tasty Mexican breakfast bowl is quick and easy to prepare, and packed with good nutrients. It combines healthy veggies, alongside black beans, avocados, tomatoes, eggs and more.

Easy to make, and even easier to customize to match your preferences. This healthy high protein breakfast is ready in under 10 minutes from start to finish, and delivers 27g of protein.

Get the recipe at – Averie Cooks

25) Healthy Breakfast Casserole

Healthy Breakfast Casserole
Via: Cookie And Kate

Having a busy morning? This healthy breakfast casserole made with spinach, bell peppers and enough cheesy goodness, is the perfect make-ahead meal for those busy days.

It’s super easy to prepare, delicious, and requires only a few minutes of hands on time. You’ll be making this on repeat for sure.

Get the recipe at – Cookie And Kate

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26) Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep

Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep
Via: IFoodreal

Packed and ready to go meals for the win. This healthy and delicious breakfast meal prep features a mix of veggies like cauliflower, bell peppers and broccoli, served alongside some eggs, salsa and whole grain toast.

Super quick and easy to prepare, nutrient-rich, and pretty convenient, even on the super busy days.

Get the recipe at – IFoodreal

27) Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
Via: A Sweet Pea Chef

Another impressive grain you can add to your breakfast table is quinoa. It’s super nutritious and healthy, and also packs a decent protein content as well.

This delicious breakfast bowl features the perfect mix of chocolate and quinoa, topped with your favorite fruits, seeds, and of course, more chocolate. This tasty quinoa bowl packs about 17g of protein.

Get the recipe at – A Sweet Pea Chef

28) Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs
Via: House Of Nash Eats

Ready to take your scrambled egg game to the next level? These smoked salmon scrambled eggs are the perfect thing for you. And trust me when I say they are a match made in heaven.

It’s just as easy to make, and way more delicious. Serve alongside some toast and enjoy.

Get the recipe at – House Of Nash Eats

29) Healthy High Protein French Toast

Healthy High Protein French Toast
Via: Food Faith Fitness

This is not your regular French toast. Blessed with enough peanut butter and chocolatey goodness, this yummy delight will have you drooling just by looking at it.

It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, delivers over 30g of protein. Top with some more chocolate and peanut butter and enjoy.

Get the recipe at – Food Faith Fitness

30) Healthy Breakfast Burrito

Healthy Breakfast Burrito
Via: Kim’s Cravings

Busy morning have got nothing on you. These healthy burritos are the perfect make ahead breakfast idea sure to satisfy your cravings.

They’re made with a perfectly-seasoned mix of veggies like red potatoes and spinach, alongside some delicious chicken sausage, eggs and more. Packed with good flavor, and ready in under 30 minutes from scratch.

Get the recipe at – Kim’s Cravings

Enjoying a healthy and satisfying breakfast is a lot easier than it sounds. No matter the situation, you can always count on these amazing high protein breakfast recipes to save the day.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know down below.

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