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20 Incredible Low Carb And Keto Breakfast Recipes

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A good breakfast goes a long way in helping you start your day right. But choosing what to eat for breakfast can sometimes be mind-wrenching activity.

And especially when you’re on a low carb or ketogenic diet, where you have to keep your daily carb intake low, to be able to enter and maintain the state of ketosis, it may seem like your options are low.

Well not exactly. As a matter of fact, not only are there hundreds of versatile and delicious keto breakfasts you could enjoy, they are also very easy to prepare and highly nutritious too.

Here are 20 low carb and keto breakfast recipes that are quick, easy, and super delicious and will help you burn fat and lose weight easily.

1) Keto Breakfast Sandwich

Keto breakfast sandwich
Via: Hey Keto Mama

Who needs regular bread when you can enjoy a tasty sausage patty instead? Combined with a nice omelette, cheese, and sliced avocado, you have a nice sandwich ready for breakfast.

It’s high in good fat and protein, and sure to keep you full for long. And each serving comes out at just 4g net carbs per serving. A big win.

Get the recipe here

2) Low Carb Breakfast Pizza

Low Carb Breakfast Pizza
Via: My Life Cookbook

Pizza for breakfast? Not very healthy. But then again, this isn’t your regular pizza. Although it tastes just as delicious, and actually IS nutritious and healthy.

It has a nice egg crust, and uses sausage, cheese and sliced peppers for the toppings. You can already guess that this is super rich in flavour and tastes nothing short of amazing.

And you only need 10 simple minutes of prepping and 7 ingredients to put this together. Each serving delivers only 2.1g net carbs, which makes it even better.

Get the recipe here

3) Low Carb Breakfast Burritos

Low Carb Breakfast Burritos
Via: Kasey Trenum

Just because you’re on a ketogenic diet, doesn’t mean you have to kiss your favourite recipes goodbye. These yummy burritos are packed with flavour and taste, and still manage to keep the carbs low.

Packed with bacon, eggs and cheesy goodness, they are just too good to resist. You can also prep these ahead of time, to save extra time in the morning. Each serving delivers 6g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

4) Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bars

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bars
Via: Advantage Meals

For when you just can’t get enough of the good ol’ bacon and eggs, these delicious casserole bars are just the thing. They are packed with good flavour that even the rest of the family are sure to love.

Made with a nice and cheesy cauliflower crust and filled with eggs, bacon and cream, they are perfect both at home and on the go. You could whip this up pretty easily, and each serving delivers only 2g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

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5) Everything Keto Bagels

Everything Keto Bagels
Via: Delish

Delicious bread is something you don’t have to miss out on, just because you’re on a ketogenic diet. These bagels are complete low carb and just as tasty.

They swap out the regular flour for almond flour, which makes a great substitute. Plus, they’re also full of cheesy goodness as well and come around in a total of about 30 minutes. Serve with a hot cup of coffee or chocolate and enjoy.

Get the recipe here

6) Blueberry Pancake Bites

Blueberry Pancake Bites

The delicious taste of blueberry muffins in the morning is something you could really get used to.

Made with a coconut flour base and filled with berry goodness, these blueberry pancake bites make the perfect keto breakfast option and can even be enjoyed on the go.

And thanks to the low carb sweetener used here, they taste super good and come out at 7g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

7) Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl

Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl
Via: The Work Top

Your breakfast options on keto aren’t limited to just eggs. This cottage cheese bowl is creamy, delicious and egg-free. Plus it comes together in well under 5 minutes.

Making this is as easy as can be. The cottage cheese is topped with frozen berries, walnuts and chia seeds. Simple as that. You can always feel free to throw in your favourite nuts, seeds and low carb fruits as well.

A serving of this delight comes out at only 9g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

8) 5-Ingredient Almond Flour Pancakes

5-Ingredient Almond Flour Pancakes
Via: Ambitious Kitchen

Delicious pancakes are certainly no stranger to low carb diets. These yummy and healthy pancakes made with almond flour are just as good as the regular ones and use just 5 simple ingredients.

Throw in some blueberries for an even richer flavour. You’d be surprised. It takes just 15 minutes to pull this off from start to finish and each serving delivers 6g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

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9) Colombian Scrambled Eggs

Colombian Scrambled Eggs
Via: Skinny Taste

Why bother with plain old boring eggs, when you could enjoy them in a more tastier and flavour-packed manner? These Colombian scrambled eggs are just the thing.

It combines eggs with diced tomatoes and scallions, which gives a better taste and nutritional profile overall. And it’s just that simple to put together. Pair it up with some avocado, or toast and you have a complete keto breakfast ready to go.

 Each serving delivers only 4g net carbs. 

Get the recipe here

10) Crispy Cauliflower Hash Browns

Crispy Cauliflower Hash Browns
Via: Sugar-free Londoner

Cauliflower is one amazing keto veggie you don’t want to be missing out on. Not only are they highly nutritious, but they are super versatile when it comes to cooking delicious food.

These cauliflower hash browns are spiced with turmeric and come out with a nice crispy texture on the outside and a soft feel on the inside. You can whip up this tasty dish in just about 30 minutes total, and each serving delivers 1.7g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

11) Keto Oatmeal

Keto Oatmeal
Via: That Low Carb Life

On a ketogenic diet, you can’t exactly eat grains, which includes oats. But hey! That’s why we have good low carb alternatives, so you don’t feel like you’re missing a thing.

Also called “Noatmeal”, these keto oatmeal is made mainly from hemp hearts, in place of your regular oats. They are just as good as the regular oatmeal and equally just as easy to prepare.

Top with your favourite berries and enjoy. Each wholesome serving packs just 6g net carbs and will keep you full.

Get the recipe here

12) Banana Nut Keto Breakfast Cookies

Banana Nut Keto Breakfast Cookies
Via: Healthy Sweet Eats

You must already be asking “aren’t bananas a no-no on keto”. Well yes, they are. But it doesn’t say anything against banana extract which delivers the flavour while leaving out the extra carbs.

Combined with pecans, coconut flakes, hemp hearts and other amazing ingredients, there’s no way you won’t get addicted to these. The cinnamon and low carb sweetener also contribute to its irresistible taste.

And hey! It’s just 3g of carbs per 2 cookies. Don’t say no.

Get the recipe here

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13) Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Zucchini Bread

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Zucchini Bread
Via: Ambitious Kitchen

When you combine delicious bread, peanut butter, good ol’ chocolate all into one, you won’t be wanting to try anything else again. And who would’ve guessed this is “healthy”.

This recipe uses a nice zucchini bread with peanut butter and chocolate chips in it too. You can make this without flour, and it still comes out with a great texture. Even your friends and family who aren’t low carb would be blown away by this.

Get the recipe here

14) Keto Breakfast Fat Bombs

Keto Breakfast Fat Bombs
Via: Cast Iron Keto

Fat bombs are a good and yummy way be getting enough healthy fats into your diet. And while many of them make great snacks or even dessert, you can still enjoy for breakfast too.

These yummy fat bombs made with cream cheese, eggs, and green onion and covered in bacon are the perfect grab and go treat for busy mornings. And they can be made easily in under 30 minutes. Each serving contain only 1g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

15) Keto Protein Waffles

Keto Protein Waffles
Via: Jennifer Banz

Well it turns out you can still enjoy a good waffle-y breakfast in the morning, without having to worry about falling off ketosis.

These healthy waffles made with whey protein powder are tasty, nutritious and high in protein. And you only need 4 simple ingredients to get them done. Quick, simple and easy.

Each serving delivers 6g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

16) Low Carb Egg Cups

Low Carb Egg Cups
Via: North South Blonde

Egg cups are a quick and easy way to start up your day. Plus, when you load them with your favourite veggies and spices, they become extra nutritious too.

These healthy egg cups use just the egg whites to cut down calories, in combination with mushrooms, spinach, onions and cheese. The combo is a highly nutritious and delicious keto breakfast ready to go, and in just a few minutes too.

Get the recipe here

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17) Keto Granola

Keto Granola
Via: Gnom-Gnom

Forget the regular granola. This one is just as good and just as tasty, while keeping the carb content low. Keto granola is made with the combination of several nuts and seeds, as well as a nice sweetener to give it that great taste.

This keto granola packs a great nutritional punch and is so easy to prepare. Once you make a batch of these ahead of time and store in the fridge (they store amazingly well), you can simply just grab and enjoy. A serving of this contains only 3g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

18) Vegan Chocolate Muffins

Vegan Chocolate Muffins
Via: The Big Man’s World

Chocolate for breakfast? I don’t see why not. These yummy chocolate muffins are completely egg-free and nut-free, yet so tasty.

Made with pumpkin puree, sunflower seed butter, healthy sweeteners and lots of chocolatey goodness, you can enjoy this totally guilt-free. It takes just 30 minutes to make them from start to finish, and each serving delivers just 3g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

19) No Egg Breakfast Bake with Sausage and Peppers

No Egg Breakfast Bake with Sausage and Peppers
Via: Kalyn’s Kitchen

Eggs are great and all, but they are not compulsory when it comes to having a delicious keto breakfast. If you wish to do without them for a while, you most certainly can.

This yummy breakfast bake combines sausage, bell peppers and cheese into one tasty and satisfying meal. And it’s so easy to whip up, you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before.

Each serving packs only 4g of net carbs.

Get the recipe here

20) Chocolate Low Carb Smoothie

Chocolate Low Carb Smoothie
Via: Live Eat Learn

Another yummy way to enjoy your breakfast is by drinking it. And smoothies are the perfect way to do that. Super rich and nutritious, this delicious chocolate smoothie will keep you satisfied for hours.

It uses only 5 ingredients and can be put together in just a matter of minutes. Each serving delivers about 4g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

So whenever you’re in need of a quick, easy and delicious meal to start your day right, you can count on these 20 amazingly delicious low carb and keto breakfast recipes to keep you satisfied and help you burn fat easily too.

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