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31 Fabulous March Bullet Journal Ideas To Try Out

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After several months of the cold winter, I think we can all agree that the month of March is most certainly one we look forward to.

It’s when the punishing cold slowly begins to fade away, and the warmer goodness of spring starts to make its first appearance.

Like you, we’re also excited for all the goodness the spring has to offer this year. That’s why we’ve gathered a collection of 31 adorable bullet journal ideas to try out.

Whether you’re looking for simple minimalist designs with little effort, or more interesting deigns that’ll help you channel your artistic side, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get right into it.

31 March Bullet Journal Ideas

1) Study Room Aesthetic

Study Room Aesthetic

As the cold fades away, tidying up our rooms and living spaces is something we tend to do. This cool room aesthetic can serve as your inspiration for how cool you want your room to look this spring.

Source: Notes N Coffees

2) Moon and rose print

Moon and rose print

Who doesn’t love beautiful flowers, and the cozy goodness of night time? The combination of roses and clouds can hold some special meaning to you.

And if you have some cool quote you want to remember, you can go ahead and write it down beside it too.

Source: Lola Starry Art

3) All the Leaves, Vines, And Flowers

All the Leaves, Vines, And Flowers

A few leaves and vines may be all the inspiration you need to show nature’s beauty this March. Relatively simple, and super cute too.

Source: Sunsetti Studios

4) It’s Tea Time Again

It’s Tea Time Again

If you’re a fan of tea of coffee, you should most definitely let that spill over (pun intended) into your monthly bullet journal design. This tea time idea is simple, minimalistic, and adorable.

Source: Kathrynn Lynnn

5) Green Cactus theme

Green Cactus theme

Brightly-colored flowers aren’t the only plants that deserve all the love this season. The resilient desert champion, the cactus, is also another amazing plant worthy of attention.

And don’t just settle for one shape of cacti. Add in a couple of funny or interesting shapes as well.

Source: Bindus Daily

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6) All The Adorable Little Flowers

All The Adorable Little Flowers

Flowers never run out of style, especially when used to signal the end of the chilling winter, and the start of the warmer, more colorful spring.

Source: Living Letter Plans

7) Give me some Vines

Give me some Vines

Source: Angelcruz Writes

8) M Stands for March

M Stands for March

Arrange your floral designs to spell out a cute “M” for march. If you’re feeling really artistic, you could try designing the full letters for the month with the similar floral patterns.

Source: Isabella Amse

9) Riding The Wave

Riding The Wave

As the temperature warms up, it’s only normal to think of all the fun we could have in the coming months. And if you ask me, riding the wave like a boat is certainly something interesting to have in mind.

Source: Fragments Of Rianne

10) March Clouds

March Clouds

You’d be surprised how much you could do with simple colors and a little bit of imagination. No complex drawing skills needed here. And it still looks super cool.

Source: Blush Pink Bujo

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11) Minimalist March Design

Minimalistic March Design

Sometimes you really don’t need that much to create something beautiful. This minimalist design does the job with a simple styled font, and nothing more.

Source: The Pouch Stationary

12) It’s The Little Things In Life

It’s The Little Things In Life

If there’s anything I’ve learnt from my few years on this planet, it’s that happiness doesn’t always have to come from the big things. Even the little everyday things can be a source of joy.

Seeing your favorite flower, a nicely made cup of tea, the smile from a stranger or co-worker, and so on. Use your bullet journal to celebrate those little things.

Source: Fionacate Creates

13) Be The Rainbow In My Cloud

Be The Rainbow In My Cloud

Just as March marks the end of the cold long winters, rainbows also signify the end of the rain or storm, and the beginning of brighter, better things.

And you don’t necessarily need a multitude of colors to draw a cute rainbow. This simplistic style gets the message across with just a single color.

Source: Ciera’s Bujo

14) March Favorite Blocks

March Favorite Blocks

Source: Bujo Shawty

15) Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat

Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat

Witch brooms and magic hats aren’t just meant for the fall/Halloween, especially if you’re a fan of magical fictions like Harry potter. This sorting hat is a nice inspiration for your monthly journal.

Source: Journal With Joyce

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16) Honeybees and Hives

Honeybees and Hives

You can never go wrong with some cute little bees. These tiny little creatures work super hard to help gather all the tasty honey we love to enjoy. And this design gives them the shout-out they deserve in a simple way.

Source: Sunflower Sketchbook

17) Simple March Vines

Simple March Vines

If you’re not looking to go overboard with your monthly journal spread, a small simplistic vine design like this might just do the trick.

It’s small enough not to get in the way of anything, but still cute enough to make the page feel special.

Source: Oh She Artsy

18) Cute Little Footer Flowers

Cute Little Footer Flowers

Speaking of simple minimalist designs, some adorable little flowers on the footer might be just what you need to bring your journal to life.

Source: Journals By Paula

19) Simple March Design

Simple March Design

Source: The Pouch Stationary

20) Boho Rainbows

Boho Rainbows

Rainbows and hearts. Truly an amazing combo.

Source: The Art Vibe

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21) All You Need Is Passport

All You Need Is Passport

Yeah, love is great, but imagine being able to travel to some of the best places in the word without worries. Use this monthly journal cover to fuel your travel fantasies.

Source: Sweet Clover Journal

22) March Confetti

March Confetti

The end of the winter and the beginning of the spring is reason enough to celebrate and pop some confetti.

Source: Annisa Journals

23) Simple Room Aesthetic

Simple Room Aesthetic

There’s just something about a nice living space

Source: Cherry Brush

24) Mistakes Help Us Grow

Mistakes Help Us Grow

In life, the only thing that’s constant, is the concept of change. And through change, we grow and improve. The things signify change or growth in your life, could also serve as inspiration for your next journal cover.

Source: Journal Boy

25) March Mandarins

March Mandarins

Fruits are one of nature’s many sweet gifts to us, and they certainly deserve a spot in your monthly journal. Mandarins, apples, strawberries, etc. Feel free to use your favorite fruits here as well.

Source: Medstudy29

26) Roses and clouds

Roses and clouds

Source: Blush Pink Bujo

27) Hello Mr. Leprechaun

Hello Mr. Leprechaun

With great beer, tasty treats and cool parades, St. Patrick’s Day is one holiday celebration to look forward to. And it can also be a great inspiration for your March journal.

Source: Creative Minds Coffee Grinds

28) Fly away, Butterfly

Fly away, Butterfly

Butterflies signify a lot of things for different people. It could be a sign of beauty, a symbol of hope, or transformation into something better. Either ways, this adorable butterfly design would be great on your journal.

Source: Bujo Mum UK

29) The Best Of Nature’s Greens

The Best Of Nature’s Greens

The green theme used here is just amazing.

Source: Jaclyn’s Journal

30) Sunshine Is The Best Medicine

Sunshine Is The Best Medicine

After months of the cold winter, we all could use a little sunshine in our lives. Both literally and figuratively. One thing I love about this journal spread, is that it makes use of pictures too.

Source: Miloe Joanne

31) Mushrooms and nature

Mushrooms and nature

This gives off some “Alice in the wonderland” vibes, and I love it.

Source: The Creative Plan

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