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40 Thoughtful Journal Prompts For Gratitude

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If there’s one thing I’ve come to learn about life, it’s that the habits we cultivate eventually go a long way in determining the quality of life we live.

Good habits can make things easier for us, while bad habits can make things more difficult than they need to be. When it comes to good habits we ought to cultivate in life, one essential example is gratitude.

Being thankful for the good things we have, no matter how little they are, is one of those simple habits that can positively affect how we see life, as well as play a role in our physical and mental wellbeing.

Journal prompts are an effective way to hone that sense of gratitude.

By writing and reflecting on certain aspects of our lives, we can learn to truly appreciate the good things and people around us, and also begin to see things in a more positive light.

In this post, you’ll discover 40 amazing journal prompts for gratitude and happiness. These journal prompts will help you see, and appreciate the good in life, and also reap the benefits associated with such positive thinking.

Let’s get right into it.

Cultivating The Habit Of Gratitude

Cultivating The Habit Of Gratitude

The world we live in today is incredibly complicated. You only need to turn on the news or hop on social media to see what I’m talking about.

As the grand show of life continues to play out, we sometimes get so caught up in how things are going wrong, that we forget to stop and appreciate the things that ARE going right.

In times like this, it’s easy to forget to see how good we have it, and how lucky we are in certain aspects of our lives.

Sure, bad things happen, and we all have bad days, weeks, and even months. But at the same time, good things also happen. Some we tend to notice, and others, we often tend to take for granted.

It would be wrong for us to only focus on the negative parts of life, without acknowledging or appreciating the positive parts. That’s why gratitude is a very important habit to cultivate.

And it doesn’t have to start from the big things. On the contrary, gratitude starts from the small things in life. Things we often tend to overlook.

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Journal Prompts For Gratitude

Journal Prompts For Gratitude list

1) What’s something that has made you smile today?

2) Write down a past experience you’re grateful for

3) Write down 5 things you like about your body

4) Mention a skill or talent you’re happy you acquired

5) Mention 5 positive things you can do today

6) Who is that one friend you’re thankful to have met

7) Mention a family member who you’re thankful for

8) What’s that one thing that always seems to make your day better

9) Recall something nice someone did for you

10) Recall something nice you’ve done for someone

11) What’s your favorite part of every day

12) Mention some personal achievements you’re proud of

13) What part of nature do you enjoy the most?

14) Mention a food or treat you’re always happy to indulge in

15) What are some books or novels that have impacted your life in a positive way?

16) What’s your favorite leisure/past time activity?

17) Mention a healthy habit you’re glad you adopted

18) What are some of your favorite go-to movies/TV shows

19) What are some songs that always make you happy?

20) Mention 5 things that make your everyday life easier

21) What are some valuable lessons you learnt from your past mistakes

22) Mention a co-worker/boss that made your job more interesting

23) Recall a beautiful place you’ve been in your life

24) Recall a large obstacle you were able to overcome, and how you did it

25) Mention something/someone that inspires you

26) What’s one non-material thing you’re privileged to posses

27) Mention a gift you received that made you happy

28) What’s an important piece of information you’re glad you acquired?

29) What are some things you look forward to in the future?

30) Recall one way your life has improved in the last 5 years?

31) What are some things in life you find intriguing

32) Recall some childhood memories that makes you happy

33) What are some attributes you admire in your partner/significant other?

34) Recall one way you’ve positively impacted someone’s life

35) What are some things that always make you laugh/smile

36) What part of the day do you enjoy most, and why?

37) Mention someone who has always been there for you

38) Mention one person/place/thing you can always turn to for strength

39) Recall a time you defied all odds and succeeded

40) What’s something you like about your town/city/country?  

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