15 Easy Keto Easter Dessert Recipes Your Family Will Love

15 Easy Keto Easter Dessert Recipes Your Family Will Love

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Celebrations and sweet treats go together like movies and popcorn. The latter always seem to make the former better and more exciting. Plus who doesn’t love the good stuff?

It’s the Easter season again and the bunnies, candy eggs and cakes seem to be on the menu. And just because you’re on a low carb or ketogenic diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

Luckily, thanks to these guilt-free, mouth-watering low carb treats, you can enjoy the Easter celebrations with friends and family without falling off ketosis or missing out on the good stuff.

Here are 15 easy and amazingly delicious keto Easter dessert recipes for you to Enjoy. Trust me when I say they’re pretty good and are sure to make anyone keep coming back for more.

15 Keto Easter Dessert Recipes

1) Chewy Almond Joy Candies

Chewy Almond Joy Candies
Via: Joy Filled Eats

What is Easter without the candy? Well, you don’t have to think about it because delicious candy is something you can enjoy on the keto diet easily and completely guilt-free.

These chewy almond joy candies combine shredded coconut, almond nuts and chocolate to create a simple, no-bake treat that is sure to leave you wanting more.

You can serve this up and watch them disappear before your very eyes. Plus, you only need about 20 minutes to get it all done and each serving contains just 2g of net carbs, so why not?

Get the recipe here

2) Sugar-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter eggs

Sugar-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter eggs
Via: Sugar-Free Mom

One thing you can always trust to satisfy your sweet tooth whenever it strikes is some good old peanut butter and chocolate. And these chocolate peanut butter easter eggs are perfect for the occasion.

You only need a handful of ingredients to get them done and they taste just as good as you’d expect. These won’t last an hour once they’re ready because everyone would be wanting more than just a piece.

Each serving delivers just 4g of net carbs and is quite satisfying too.

Get the recipe here

3) Easter egg Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

Easter egg Cookie Dough Fat Bombs
Via: Healthful Pursuit

What better way to stock up on some healthy fats than with some delicious fat bombs? These cookie dough fat bombs are the perfect keto Easter dessert recipe to satisfy your cravings and still keep you burning fat.

The recipe features a nice no-bake chocolate chip cookie dough covered in sugar-free frosting that is perfect for the occasion. It’s pretty easy to prepare and each serving delivers just about 3g of net carbs.

Get the recipe here

4) Cadbury Creme Eggs

Cadbury Creme Eggs keto easter dessert recipe
Via: Maria Mind Body Health

Easy, delicious and full of flavour, these Cadbury crème egg truffles are definitely one to try. It is rich in creamy and chocolatey goodness and won’t throw you off ketosis.

When it comes to flavour, you could choose between white, milk or dark chocolate, or even all of them. You only need 15 minutes of prep time and each serving delivers only 0.4g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

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5) Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting

Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting keto Easter dessert recipe
Via: Ruled.me

When you have a bit of a crowd or even a handful of guests over, one keto easter dessert you can count on to satisfy everyone and keep smiling is a delicious cupcake.

These low carb cupcakes are made with almond flour, blessed with the good zest of lemon and topped with a nice cream cheese raspberry frosting. It is perfect combination of healthy, nutritious and tasty.

Plus it’s also pretty easy to make and can be knocked up in just a couple of minutes. Each serving delivers about 5g net carbs which is definitely worth it.

Get the recipe here

6) Low Carb Carrot Cake

Low Carb Carrot Cake
Via: Cooking LSL

The spring season sure has its perks, and one of them is the delicious carrot cakes that always keep you coming back for more. This low carb carrot cake is a great keto Easter dessert idea to enjoy with the family.

With its nice, soft and moist cake layers and an irresistible cream cheese frosting, you’ll enjoy every single bite. Plus, you only need 15 minutes of prep time to get this done and each serving delivers just 4g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

7) Strawberry Peep Fat Bombs

Strawberry Peep Fat Bombs keto Easter dessert recipe
Via: Up Late Anyway

High in fat, low in carbs, and quite delicious, these strawberry peep fat bombs make a great Easter treat you could enjoy for dessert or even as a snack. Even your little humans are sure to like this.

It uses only 5 simple ingredients, takes only a couple of minutes and contains just 4g of net carbs. Plus, you can always decide to save some for later and occasionally enjoy them as well.

Get the recipe here

8) Lemon Sugar Cookie Cups

Lemon Sugar Cookie Cups keto Easter dessert recipe
Via: All Day I Dream About Food

In case you didn’t know, lemons are one of the best fruits you can enjoy on a ketogenic diet. They’re nutrient packed, low in carbs and have a flavour that makes them perfect for desserts and other meals.

These lemon sugar cookie cups are made with almond flour and use lemon zest, alongside with a delicious lemon pastry cream. Easter won’t be boring with these around.

And prepping them only takes 15 minutes. Each serving contains only 3g net carbohydrates.

Get the recipe here

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9) Keto Chocolate Cheesecake

Keto Chocolate Cheesecake
Via: Keto Summit

Whenever a nice celebration comes around, you can always count on a slice or two (or three) of delicious chocolate cheesecake to keep everybody smiling and keep the celebration going well.

This yummy delight has that chocolatey goodness right from the crust to the toppings. Basically, this is what you refer to as a chocolate heaven and is perfect for your cravings.

It takes just a couple of minutes to prep this and each bite is definitely worth it. A serving of this contains only 6g of net carbs.

Get the recipe here

10) Choconut Birds’ Nests

Choconut Birds’ Nests low carb Easter dessert
Via: Briana Thomas

What’s Easter without the eggs? And what’s an egg without a nest? Well, luckily you don’t have to find out. These choconut bird’s nest are a hundred percent vegan and keto-friendly and are the perfect treat to serve up for friends and family.

It uses a coconut nest, with chocolate filling and peanuts, but you can always use your favourite low carb nuts there. You could easily whip this up in a couple of minutes and enjoy.

Get the recipe here

11) Keto macaroons

Keto macaroons
Via: Sugar-Free Londoner

No need to miss the regular macaroons. These ones are healthy, guilt-free and just as good if not better than the regular ones. You won’t be missing the carbs here.

Made with shredded coconuts and dipped in delicious chocolate, they make a great keto dessert for Easter and come together in just a matter of minutes. Each serving contains just about 2g of net carbs.

Get the recipe here

12) Keto Easter Chocolate Nests

Keto Easter Chocolate Nests
Via: Sugar-Free Mom

Enjoying guilt-free, delicious treats doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult thing. This keto Easter chocolate nest is so easy to create and uses only a handful of ingredients, and yet tastes so great.

It combines chocolate, coconut flakes, as well as some of the best keto nuts and seeds to create a treat that will leave you wanting more. Its also highly nutritious as well and will help you burn fat easily.

15 minutes of prep time is all you need, and then you can relax and let the magic happen. Each serving contains 4g of net carbs.

Get the recipe here

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13) Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns low carb Easter recipe
Via: The Peckish Girl

You could enjoy these buns for breakfast, as a snack or even for dessert. Made with a coconut flour mix, zucchini, blueberries and more, these deliver quite the taste that make them great for any occasion.

Prepping this takes only 5 simple minutes and just a couple more before its ready. They also store well for a couple of days so you can make these in a batch and have some for later.

Get the recipe here

14) Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars
Via: My Montana Kitchen

Combine the delicious taste and goodness of chocolate chip cookies with the soft and tender goodness of your favourite cheesecake, remove all the excess carbs and the guilt, and you basically have heaven sitting on a plate.

These chocolate chip cookie bars do just that, with a nice cookie bar crust and a creamy cheesecake layer filled with chocolate chips as well. And at an unbelievable 4g net carbs per serving, this one won’t throw you off ketosis.

Serve this up at any celebration and watch as people go crazy over them. There’s no saying no to these lovelies.

Get the recipe here

15) Lemon Pound Cake

Lemon Pound Cake
Via: Seasonly Creations

This yummy lemon pound cake is low carb, guilt-free and just like the real deal. It’s soft and rich in nutritious and creamy goodness to satisfy your sweet tooth. There’s no going wrong with this one. Each serving delivers just 3.2g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

The celebration is always better with the sweet treats going around. And now thanks to these amazing keto Easter dessert recipes, you can enjoy the celebration and still burn fat like you should.

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Celebrate this easter season with the best low carb easter dessert recipes to help you burn fat on the keto diet. Here are 15 easy and amazingly delicious keto easter recipes your family is going to love. From easter cakes to candy eggs and much more. #ketoeaster #easterdessert #ketodessert #easterrecipes #healthydessert

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