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21 Amazing Keto Desserts To Make With 5 Ingredients Or Less

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If there’s one thing we are lucky to have on the ketogenic diet, its dessert. Delicious and healthy treats that satisfy our sweet tooth and keep us burning fat easily.

It’s a true win-win scenario.

And when it comes to yummy desserts, sometimes “simple is best”.

Enjoying simple and yummy treats that require just a few ingredients, not only help you satisfy your sweet tooth in a more budget friendly manner, but it can also help you eat less carbs overall.

Here, I’ve gathered some of the best low carb and keto desserts you can make with just 5 ingredients or less.

Specially made by some of the best food bloggers out there, and tested by hundreds who absolutely loved them, you’ll no doubt fall in love with them as well.

Let’s dig in.

Keto Desserts With 5 Ingredients Or Less 

1) Keto Chocolate Mug Cake

Keto Chocolate Mug Cake
Via: Kirbie’s Cravings

In the mood for some cake, this chocolate mug cake requires just 3 simple ingredients. It’s healthy, low carb, super delicious, and comes together in just 6 minutes from scratch. 

Each serving delivers only 2g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

2) Keto No Bake Cookies

Keto No Bake Cookies
Via: The Soccer Mom Blog

Its cookie time, and these no bake chocolate and peanut butter cookies are on the menu. With just 5 ingredients required, these come out as tasty as ever, with just 5 minutes of prep.

Each cookie packs a tiny 4g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

3) Chocolate Coconut Balls

Chocolate Coconut Balls
Via: The Big Man’s World

Properly sweetened coconut balls, covered in chocolatey goodness. This easy and delicious treat requires just 4 ingredients and 5 minutes to make from scratch.

It’s low in carbs, calories and packs just 1g net carb per ball. You won’t believe how good it is.

Get the recipe here

4) Keto Cheesecake

Keto Cheesecake
Via: Chocolate Covered Katie

From the super-rich crust to the filling, this yummy cheesecake takes just 5 ingredients to make, and is just as good as any regular cheesecake you could think of, except way healthier.

Whip this up in less than 30 minutes from scratch, and watch yourself get addicted. Each serving contains only 1.5g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

5) Chocolate Brownie Mousse

Chocolate Brownie Mousse
Via: Hungry For Inspiration

With just 4 simple ingredients and delivering only 3.9g net carbs per serving, this is sure to be your next go to chocolate treat. It’ll make even your non-keto friends jealous.

Get the recipe here

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6) Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies

Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies
Via: Wholesome Yum

Probably the simplest cookies you’ll ever make, these yummy low carb peanut butter cookies require just 4 ingredients and NO FLOUR.

Yet they have the crunchy texture and great taste of any normal peanut butter cookie, and come together in less than 30 minutes from scratch.

Each serving contains just 2g of net carbs.

Get the recipe here

7) Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

3 Ingredient Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs
Via: Beaming Baker

Boost your healthy fat intake with these super easy chocolate peanut butter fat bombs. They come to life with just 3 ingredients, and a few minutes of prep required.

You can enjoy this as a snack on the go, or as a nice treat on a good day without any guilt.

Get the recipe here

8) Keto Lemon Bars

Keto Lemon Bars
Via: Hey Keto Mama

The rich, tangy and satisfying taste of these lemon bars is made possible with just 5 simple ingredients, and delivers only 4g net carbs per serving.

This is one dessert you’ll want to be having on repeat, and even your friends and family would be surprised how “healthy” it is.

Get the recipe here

9) Fudgy Cocoa Brownies

Fudgy Cocoa Brownies
Via: Gnom-Gnom

Now here’s a treat you can enjoy without any guilt. These brownies are super fudgy, and delicious, and require just 5 ingredients to get the job done.

They make the perfect dessert to enjoy at home, or even serve at a party. Best part is, each brownie packs just 1g net carb.

Get the recipe here

10) Peanut Butter Fudge Fat Bombs

Peanut Butter Fudge Fat Bombs
Via: The Best Keto Recipes

Enjoy that tasty nutty goodness. These fat bombs require only 3 ingredients, and come together in less than 30 minutes from scratch as well. Each serving contains 1.5g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

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11) Crunchy Keto Berry Mousse

Crunchy keto berry mousse
Via: Diet Doctor

Not all fruits are off limits on a ketogenic diet. You can still enjoy some tasty low carb fruits and stay in ketosis. This mousse combines the goodness of berries, mixed with chopped nuts and tasty whipped cream.

A simple, yet delicious treat perfect for any occasion. It uses just 5 main ingredients and delivers 3g net carbs per serving.

Get the recipe here

12) Low Carb Almond Joy Bonbons

Low Carb Almond Joy Bonbons
Via: My Montana Kitchen

For this delight, tasty shredded coconut is combined with almond nuts and chocolate chips, and then all covered in chocolate. Very easy to make and quite nutritious too.

You only need 5 ingredients to make this. And each serving comes out at just 3g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

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13) Keto Peanut Butter Bars

Keto Peanut Butter Bars
Via: Life Made Sweeter

Need a quick snack to munch on, or a treat to serve at your next gathering? These peanut butter bars with chocolate topping have got your back.

Made with just 5 ingredients, and in just 10 minutes, they are definitely a must try. They also don’t require any baking to get the job done. Each serving contains 4g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

14) Edible Keto Cookie Dough

Edible Keto Cookie Dough
Via: Jennifer Banz

When you feel like eating a cookie but don’t feel like baking it, this cookie dough is the perfect thing to whip up. Totally edible and egg-free, and super tasty too.

You only need 5 ingredients to get them ready, and in less than 5 minutes too. Each wholesome serving contains just 3g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

15) Keto Ice Cream

Keto Ice Cream
Via: Joy Filled Eats

What better way to cool off on a hot sunny day, than with some delicious ice cream. Not only is this ice cream keto-friendly, it’s also super easy to make as well, requiring just 3 ingredients.

No ice cream maker needed here, and no fuss. This treat comes together in just 5 minutes of prep. And being made with yummy low carb fruits, it packs just 5g net carbs per wholesome serving.

Get the recipe here

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16) Peanut Butter Mousse

Peanut Butter Mousse
Via: All Day I Dream About Food

Enjoy the nutritious and nutty goodness of this healthy peanut butter mousse, made with just 5 ingredients, and in just 5 minutes.

It’s perfect for when your cravings hit, and it’s sure to be a wonder even among your non-keto friends. Each serving packs around 4g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

17) Chocolate Macadamia Clusters

Chocolate Macadamia Clusters
Via: Keto Diet App

Macadamia nuts are one of the best nuts you can actually enjoy on a ketogenic diet. Plus, they are super nutritious too and tasty. This treat combines clusters of macadamia nuts, covered in delicious chocolate.

It really doesn’t get any easier than this. And it takes just 3 ingredients to get this done, and in a jiffy too. Each serving packs less than 3g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

18) Keto Hot Chocolate

Keto Hot Chocolate
Via: Green And Keto

On those chilly and cozy nights when you’re in the mood for some hot cocoa, you can always count on this keto-friendly hot chocolate recipe.

Just as tasty, and just as satisfying, it requires only 4 main ingredients and contains only 5g net carbs per serving.

Get the recipe here

19) Chocolate Keto Fudge

Chocolate Keto Fudge
Via: Healy Eats Real

With just 3 simple ingredients, this creamy decadent fudge comes to life, and will satisfy your cravings easily. They’re also vegan friendly too, and come out at just 6g net carbs per serving.

Get the recipe here

20) Keto Butterscotch Candy

Keto Butterscotch Candy
Via: Better Than Bread Keto

Candy on keto? Well don’t worry. This one uses just 4 ingredients, and won’t throw you off ketosis. But it still tastes just as amazing.

Get the recipe here

21) No Bake Coconut Cookies

No Bake Coconut Cookies
Via: Mind Over Munch

For when you want a super easy, no-stress treat to munch on, you can always count on these coconut cookies. They come together with the help of only 5 ingredients, taste super good, and require no baking.

And even at that, they are rich in fiber, and only deliver 1g net carb per serving, so you don’t have to worry about falling off ketosis while you enjoy them.

Get the recipe here

As you can see, satisfying your sweet tooth on keto is easier than it seems. No matter the occasion, these yummy keto desserts have got your back.

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Which of these amazing desserts did you like the most? Let me know down below.


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