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Summer Bucketlist – 50 Fun Things To Do This Summer

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If there’s one time of the year where you can get to enjoy the great outdoors, it’s certainly the summer.

With the warmer temperatures, longer days, and the vibrant charm of nature, this is one season packed full of a multitude of exciting things to do.

Plus with everything almost back to normal now, you can sit back, relax, and make your plans for an amazing summer.

If you’re wondering what fun activities you could do this season, I’ve got a couple of nice ideas for you.

From fun and cheap activities you could do from the comfort of your backyard, to exciting adventures that’ll help you discover the beauty of nature and of your surroundings, this list has got you covered.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 50 fun things to add to your summer bucket list. These fun activities can be enjoyed with friends, peers and family, and there’s something for every budget category too.

You can also get the free printable of this list down below. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

50 Fun Things To Do This Summer

Fun Things To Do This Summer

1) Go on a hike with friends

2) Make a popsicle

3) Have an outdoor movie night

4) Go camping

5) Have a picnic

6) Visit the beach

7) Build a sand castle

8) Host a barbecue

9) Do a scavenger hunt

10) Chill at your local park

11) Host or join a cook/bake off

12) Go on a road trip

13) Start a small garden

14) Go on a city tour

15) Ride a hot air balloon

16) Decorate your front porch

17) Watch some fireworks

18) Start reading a new book

19) Enjoy some roasted marshmallows

20) Go to a concert

21) Have a watergun battle

22) Build a DIY home pool

23) Make some lemonade

24) Go stargazing at night

25) Go fishing

26) Make some water balloons

27) Paint some rocks

28) Go on a bike ride

29) Play some beach games

30) Visit a flower field/garden

31) Make a seashell collection

32) Create some summer crafts

33) Play some backyard games

34) Visit an amusement park

35) Make some homemade ice cream

36) Try some new recipes

37) Go stone skipping

38) Make a summer scrapbook

39) Learn a new skill

40) Journal

41) Tie dye some t-shirts

42) Do some volunteer work

43) Try some cool nail designs

44) Try out a new hairstyle

45) Have a spa day at home

46) Pick some fruits

47) Go kayaking

48) Go visit a museum

49) Reorganize your living space

50) Visit the zoo

51) Host a game night


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