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65 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home

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You know that feeling you get after a long day of sitting at home and doing nothing apart from scrolling through Instagram and binge-watching Netflix?

The point where that tiny voice at the back of your head speaks to you with disappointment, because you felt you could’ve made better use of that time.

Yeah I know that feeling too. And I don’t like it either.

Feeling unproductive isn’t the best feeling in the world. Sure, we have our good super productive days and our not so productive days, and many factors determine which day becomes which one.

But when we can, we often try to make sure we make good use of our time.

After all, it’s the one fleeting resource which everyone on earth happens to have the same amount of per day. So we try to make the best of it.

And although feeling bored from time to time is pretty normal, you can still make the most boring days super productive, with the right ideas in mind. 

Here, I’ve gathered 65 productive things you can do when you’re bored at home.

I’ve broken it down into different sections to make it easier to find what you want. From fun productive activities, to organization and even self-improvement, you’ll never have a dull moment.

Let’s dive in.

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65 Productive Things To Do

  • Fun productive things to do
  • Productive self-improvement things to do
  • Productive organization and planning-related things to do
  • Healthy productive things to do

Fun Productive Things To Do

Productive things to do - fun

Being productive doesn’t necessarily have to be all boring. You can actually have some fun with it. Here are some fun productive ideas to try out.

1) Learn/play an instrument – It’s always a fun experience when learning a new musical instrument. Especially without the pressure of actually needing to perform in front of an audience.

2) Start a new hobby – a hobby is something you love and enjoy doing. You could find something you love doing, and simply do it during your free time.

3) Try a new recipe – let your inner chef run wild. Unleash your culinary genius.

4) Rearrange your music playlist

5) Create a wishlist for the things you want

6) Try out some old clothes – it always brings back some good memories. Plus, it can help you see how you’ve progressed in years.

7) Take some beautiful pictures

8) Discover new ideas on Pinterest – Pinterest is hands down, one of the best places for ideas. From fashion to decoration to yummy recipes.

9) Leave a message for the future you

10) Draw/print something you don’t have to be Leonardo Da Vinci. Just do it for the fun of it and laugh if it turns out bad.

11) Read a novel you like

12) Visit someplace interesting

13) Meet up with a friend/invite a friend over

14) Plan your outfit for the week – it saves you time in the future, plus, you get to always be on fleek

15) Solve a puzzle

16) Try out a new makeup idea

17) Start a DIY project

18) Decorate your room

19) Watch a documentary

Productive Self-Improvement Things To Do

Productive things to do - self improvement

20) Learn a new language

21) Learn a new skill – you never know what skill might save you in the future

22) Read a book – one of the best ways to expand your mind is by reading

23) Watch an inspiring TED talk

24) Take an online course

25) Review your goals for the week/month

26) Set new goals and plan them out

27) Volunteer for something – it could be a charity, or an event. Any way you could be of help to your community or the world at large.

28) Update your resume – your resume should always be up to date. You don’t necessarily need to be in the job market first.

29) Do some research on a topic – it could be any topic you’ve been wanting to know more about. A little knowledge goes a long way.

30) Listen to an inspiring podcast

31) Brush up your current skills – Learning new skills is great. But you can also brush up on your current skills.

32) Watch a tutorial

33) Try something new

34) Network

35) Look for new opportunities

Productive Organization And Planning-Related Things To Do

Productive things to do - Organization and planning

36) Tidy up your living space – a neater environment is always a good thing

37) create/organize your to-do list

38) Strike something off the to-do list

39) Organize your kitchen space

40) Sort out your mailbox – you don’t need all those spam emails anyways.

41) Fix something around you

42) Organize your folders – Our computers and phones also get cluttered over time. Organizing them makes things easier to access.

43) Throw/give out stuff you don’t need

44) Reorganize your furniture – a new look never hurt anybody

45) Organize your home desk – your home desk is just as important as your office desk, so it should be in good condition as well.

46) Create your schedule for tomorrow

47) Do the laundry

48) Reorganize your wardrobe – You’ll thank yourself later

49) Read and reply necessary emails

50) Load/unload the dishwasher

51) Prepare next month’s budget

52) Back up your files – anything can happen at any time. A backup every now and then is always a good idea.

53) Organize your bills and documents – nobody likes paperwork, but someone has to do them. Plus, it makes things easier for

54) Make important phone calls

55) Dust your living surfaces

56) Clean your makeup brushes

Healthy Productive Things To Do

Productive things to do - healthy

57) Go for a walk – a good way to get moving, and get some fresh air

58) Do some exercise – nothing beats the benefits that come with good physical activity

59) Create a meal plan – eating healthier or better is always easier when you have a plan

60) Cook a healthy meal

61) Take a nap – it’ll help you be more alert when you wake up

62) Do some yoga – stretch out those muscles and get that blood circulating

63) Create/modify your workout routine

64) Prepare stuff for your next workout – it could be your pre-workout snack, or your workout equipment.

65) Write your next grocery list – no one likes impromptu shopping.

Don’t let the boredom get the best of you. These 65 productive ideas will help you make the best out of your extra time.

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