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20 Easy And Healthy Christmas Cookies That Taste Incredibly Good

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It’s almost about that time of the year, when the bells start jingling, the weather is freezing and the carol songs start playing.

Yep, Its Christmas time again. And if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that the holiday celebration is never complete without those delicious cookies.

And while we all love yummy treats, you might find yourself torn between keeping things healthy and “waistline-friendly”, and just indulging and having some fun.

Well, both events don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive.

You can still take a healthier approach to things, without having to sacrifice the yummy goodness of your favorite treats.

Here, I’ve gathered 20 of the best healthy Christmas cookies from some of the best food bloggers out there.

These holiday treats aren’t just healthier than their regular counterparts, they’re also super easy to make, and super delicious.

I can assure you, you’ll only see smiling faces once your guests and family members try these.

20 Healthier Christmas Cookie Recipes

1) Oatmeal Cranberry Christmas Cookies

Oatmeal Cranberry Christmas Cookies
Via: Super Healthy Kids

These simple yet delicious oatmeal cookies are decorated with cranberries, dipped in white chocolate and covered in sprinkles. You can make them even healthier by using dark chocolate instead, or just enjoy them plain.

Get the recipe here

2) Low-Fat Holiday Sugar Cookies

Low-Fat Holiday Sugar Cookies
Via: The Spruce Eats

These sugar cookies have less fat than regular ones, but are still every bit as buttery and delicious. You’ll also be happy to know that they only pack around 50 calories per wholesome serving.

That’s good news for your taste buds and your waistline.

Get the recipe here

3) Healthier Peanut Butter M&M Christmas Cookies

Healthier Peanut Butter M&M Christmas Cookies
Via: Love To Be In The Kitchen

These contain less sugar and less fat, but still every bit of the yummy goodness you love. And making them couldn’t be any easier.

Get the recipe here

4) Coconut Flour Cut-Out Christmas cookies

Coconut Flour Cut-Out Christmas cookies
Via: Oatmeal With A Fork

Swap out regular flour for coconut flour and thank me later. These gluten-free cookies deliver only 40 calories per serving.

Get the recipe here

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5) Healthy Anginetti Cookies

Healthy Anginetti Cookies
Via: The Clean Eating Couple

This Italian classic is sure to be a hit. Made with a gluten-free flour and covered with a nice sugary lemon flour, there’s no way you could say no to this.

Did I also mention that they’re under 100 calories as well? Feel free to enjoy without guilt.

Get the recipe here

6) Raw Gingerbread Cookie Bites

Raw Gingerbread Cookie Bites
Via: Love Food Nourish

Give your oven a little break. These raw gingerbread cookie bites require just a little bit of prep, and zero baking. They still come out quite tasty, and even the kids are sure to love them.

Requiring just a handful of ingredients, these yummy bites are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and also refined sugar free.

Get the recipe here

7) 2-Ingredient Almond Cookies

2-Ingredient Almond Cookies
Via: Green Healthy Cooking

It really doesn’t get much easier than this. With just 2 basic ingredients, these tasty delights come to life, and in about 30 minutes from scratch too.

Get the recipe here

8) Coconut flour cookies

Coconut flour cookies
Via: Sweet As Honey

Getting through the holidays on a low carb diet is not as difficult as it sounds. These coconut flour cookies are sugar-free and also keto friendly.

You can make these in under 30 minutes from scratch, and each serving contains only about 2g net carbs.

Get the recipe here

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9) Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies
Via: Natalie’s Health

These are healthier than your regular gingerbread cookies, and also filled with chocolatey goodness. And at just 100 kcal per serving, what more could you possibly ask for?

Get the recipe here

10) Healthy Red Velvet Christmas Cookies

Healthy Red Velvet Christmas Cookies
Via: My Lovely Little Lunchbox

Thanks to the healthy ingredients used here, these cookies pack a great nutritional punch, in addition to their wonderful taste. You’d be surprised at how quickly these would vanish.

Get the recipe here

11) Healthier Gingerbread Star Cookies

Healthier Gingerbread Star Cookies
Via: My Fussy Eater

Thanks to a few healthier swaps used here, these delights come out lower in calories, but are still every bit as delicious and lovely.

Watch them disappear as soon as they hit the table.

Get the recipe here

12) Healthier Sugar Cookie

Healthier Sugar Cookie
Via: Don’t Waste The Crumbs

Very simple and easy to prepare, and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Even your kids will come asking you for more.

Get the recipe here

13) Healthy Peppermint Chocolate Cookies

Healthy Peppermint Chocolate Cookies
Via: The Healthy Maven

Peppermint is a popular dessert staple during the holiday season. And these peppermint chocolate cookies are nothing short of amazing.

With just few ingredients and a little bit of prep, they come together very easily, and are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Get the recipe here

14) Almond Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies

Almond Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies
Via: Letty’s Kitchen

Easy to make, amazing taste and zero guilt.

Get the recipe here

15) Healthy Snowball Cookies

Healthy Snowball Cookies
Via: Eating Bird Food

These are another popular Christmas classic you have got to try. This version uses almond flour, requires just 6 ingredients, and still comes out amazing.

It is gluten-free, low carb and keto friendly, and can easily be made vegan.

Get the recipe here

16) Gluten Free Peanut Butter Blossoms

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Blossoms
Via: What Molly Made

Get the recipe here

17) Peppermint-White Chocolate Chickpea Cookies

Peppermint-White Chocolate Chickpea Cookies
Via: Two Healthy Kitchens

These yummy cookies cut back on the fat and extra calories thanks to the chickpeas used here, which add the same buttery texture, but with less fat and more nutrients.

They’re super easy to make, in under 30 minutes from start to finish, and can easily be made ahead of time.

Get the recipe here

18) Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
Via: Cotter Crunch

Speaking of celebrations, you just can’t leave out the popular and well-loved chocolate chip cookies.

Made with just a few ingredients, these vegan chocolate chip cookies are a sure crowd pleaser, and are also super easy to prepare.

Get the recipe here

19) Paleo Peppermint Cookies

Paleo Peppermint Cookies
Via: My Natural Family

You would’ve never guessed that this was healthy. And each wholesome serving packs just about 50 calories too, so you can enjoy them without guilt.

Get the recipe here

20) Hot Cocoa Cookies

Hot Cocoa Cookies
Via: Fit Foodie Finds

Get the recipe here

Thanks to these easy, healthier and incredibly delicious Christmas cookies, you can satisfy your cravings easily and without guilt this holiday season.

And even your guests, friends and family members are sure to love these yummy treats as well.

So go ahead and dig in.

With that being said, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead.


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Here are 20 easy, healthy and super delicious christmas cookies to enjoy this holiday season. These healthy and festive christmas cookies make the perfect holiday dessert or snack for everyone, and will satisfy your cravings easily. #christmasdessert #christmascookies #holidaydesserts #healthydessert

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