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30 Brilliant DIY Fall Decor Ideas To Try Out This Autumn

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It’s almost that time of the year again.

With the scorching heat of the summer packing up its bags, the warmer air that comes next before the winter is always a welcome present from Mother Nature.

I’m talking about fall/Autumn, and it is undoubtedly one of our favorite times of the year.

And like always, it’s the time to rake in the leaves, enjoy the sweet warm air, and also put up our favorite fall decorations.

When it comes to putting up the best seasonal decorations, creativity is truly the king of the game. And now is the time to let that inner creative genius shine.

Here, I’ve gathered a collection of 30 brilliant DIY fall decor ideas to try out. These fabulous fall decorations are simple and easy to put together, and just plain adorable.  

From wreaths, to centerpieces to front porch decorations and much more. Everything you need to get into the spirit of fall.

Let’s dive in.

30 Brilliant DIY Fall Decor Ideas

1) Canning Ring Pumpkins

Canning Ring Pumpkins
Via: Creative Moments

Well there’s no rule in the book of fall decorating which states that your pumpkin must be made of, well, pumpkin. This simple, easy and elegant decor is a great way to make use of all those spare Mason jar lids that are lying around.

It’s super cool, and also environmentally friendly, which is a win-win. You can also paint the canning rings to whatever color you like to give it a more beautiful look.

Get the tutorial at – Creative Moments

2) Fall Mason Jars

Fall Mason Jars
Via: Crafts By Amanda

Speaking of mason jars, these fall mason jars are definitely worth trying out. With all those canning lids being put to good use, it’s time to get creative with the jars themselves.

With some paint, flowers and burlap cloth, you’re already halfway there. You can use as many mason jars as you like, and also have them spell out whatever words you prefer.

Get the tutorial at – Crafts By Amanda

3) Gold-Leaf Pumpkin

Gold-Leaf Pumpkin
Via: Minted

Who needs a regular pumpkin when you can have a gold-colored one as cool as this? This is one of the simplest things to try out this autumn, and will wow your guests for sure.

Get the tutorial at – Minted

4) Practically Free Fall Decor

Practically Free Fall Decor
Via: Celebrate And Decorate

Wondering what you could do with all those leaves you raked off your front lawn? Well here’s a brilliant idea you could try out.

These leaves banded together thanks to a simple rope will give your front porch the “fall vibes” you’ve been looking for.

Get the tutorial at – Celebrate And Decorate

5) Fall Leaves Front Door Wreath

Fall Leaves Front Door Wreath
Via: Brendid

Well don’t just stop there. You can also band the leaves together to make a nice, elegant wreath like this, at no extra cost. And the variation in the leaf colors make them even more beautiful.

Get the tutorial at – Brendid

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6) DIY Fall Acorns

DIY Fall Acorns
Via: Domestically Blissful

Remember those cool Easter eggs you got in April? What if I told you that you could rebrand them for the autumn and no one would ever know.

These Easter egg acorns are made possible thanks to some twine and pinecones, and they’re fit right into the occasion.

Get the tutorial at – Domestically Blissful

7) Gorgeous Pumpkin Flower Arrangements

Gorgeous Pumpkin Flower Arrangements
Via: First Day Of Home

Surprise, no surprise, pumpkins also make really cool flower vases. And they’re more than perfect for this season. Feel free to add in a variety of nice-scenting to add that wonderful fragrance to your homes.

Get the tutorial at – First Day Of Home

8) Fabric Pumpkins

Fabric Pumpkins
Via: Sustain My Craft Habit

These are hands down some of the cutest-looking pumpkins you’ll see this season. Except of course they’re not actually real pumpkins. But who could tell anyways?

These fabric pumpkins can be made by wrapping up a couple of things lying around your house and then throwing in a stick for that proper pumpkin aesthetic. Plain gorgeous if you ask me.

Get the tutorial at – Sustain My Craft Habit

9) Mason Jar Leaf Lanterns

Mason Jar Leaf Lanterns
Via: One Little Project

You can never go wrong with some good old Mason jar luminaries. These ones are super easy to put together, and will add the perfect fall look to your shelf/tabletop.

Get the tutorial at – One Little Project

10) Cinnamon Stick Candles

Cinnamon Stick Candles
Via: Louise Roe

Nothing screams “the holidays” better than some cinnamon wrapped candles. These will be a great addition to your centerpiece.

Get the tutorial at – Louise Roe

11) DIY fall wreath

DIY fall wreath
Via: The Home I Create

Take your regular grapevine wreath to the next level, with some tiny pumpkins, flowers and fall berries. This simple and elegant fall decoration can be made in just under 30 minutes too.

Get the tutorial at – The Home I Create

12) DIY Pumpkin Topiary

DIY Pumpkin Topiary
Via: A Pumpkin And A Princess

And next on the list of brilliant ways to beautify your front porch, these DIY pumpkin topiaries are just the perfect thing.

With some pumpkins, leaves and sunflowers, it has everything you need to bring that fall vibe to your home.

Get the tutorial at – A Pumpkin And A Princess

13) Wine Cork Pumpkin

Wine Cork Pumpkin
Via: My Gourmet Connection

Who would’ve thought that wine corks painted and glued together could produce something this magnificent?

If you’re someone like me, who loves to keep empty wine bottles like they’re some relics from the past, then these are a must-try.

Get the tutorial at – My Gourmet Connection

14) DIY Wood Slice Pumpkins

DIY Wood Slice Pumpkins
Via: Thistlewood Farms

Simple, yet elegant. A wonderful addition to your front porch, or fireplace.

Get the tutorial at – Thistlewood Farms

15) Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece
Via: The Idea Room

Revitalize your home with this simple fall centerpiece. All you need is a wooden box, some pumpkins, fall berries and candles. It’s pretty easy to put together, and looks so adorable.

Get the tutorial at – The Idea Room

16) DIY Fabric Leaf Bowl

DIY Fabric Leaf Bowl
Via: Vicky Barone

Now here’s something the kids are going to want to get in on. This DIY leaf bowl is one of the easiest things you can make, with some of those leaves you gathered earlier, some glue and a round-ish object of choice.

You could also upgrade this decoration by placing some fall-themed items in there, like miniature pumpkins, acorns and so on.

Get the tutorial at – Vicky Barone

17) DIY Apple Candle Holders

DIY Apple Candle Holders
Via: Domestically Blissful

You know, pumpkins aren’t the only produce that deserve the spotlight during this season. Apples are also a well-loved delight during fall season, and in this case, they make for excellent candle holders too.

You can make these with either real or fake apples, depending on how long you want your decoration to be up. Either ways, it still looks pretty cool.

Get the tutorial at – Domestically Blissful

18) Glitter Acorns

Glitter Acorns
Via: Somewhat Simple

Because glitter makes everything cooler. These are so simple, and yet look so beautiful.

Get the tutorial at – Somewhat Simple

19) 3D Paper Pumpkin

3D Paper Pumpkin
Via: Gathering Beauty

These adorable paper pumpkins can be made by both kids and adults alike. You can use some patterned paper, or get creative with your own drawings.

Get the tutorial at – Gathering Beauty

20) Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Toilet Paper Pumpkins
Via: Smart Schoolhouse

Why bother with regular pumpkins when you can use something way cheaper. Yes, I’m talking about toilet paper.

These toilet paper pumpkins are as simple as simple can get. No special skills or tools needed here. Just some good old toilet paper covered in all the colors of fall, and topped with some cinnamon and leaves.

Get the tutorial at – Smart Schoolhouse

21) DIY Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights

DIY Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights
Via: Wallflower Kitchen

Take your leaf decor to the next level with these cute autumn lights. Who would’ve thought that string fairy lights and fall leaves could make such an awesome combination?

Get the tutorial at – Wallflower Kitchen

22) Pumpkins and Flowers Centerpiece

Pumpkins and Flowers Centerpiece
Via: Such Pretty Things

These are just straight up adorable. And all you need is some pumpkins, glitter and a couple of beautiful flowers that’ll complement wherever you choose to place them.

Get the tutorial at – Such Pretty Things

23) Gold Lace Candle Holders

Gold Lace Candle Holders
Via: Freutcake

These take your regular candle holders, and turn them into something more magnificent. And it’s all thanks to some paint and some lace trim.

They’re super cheap and easy to make, and your guests will think they cost a fortune.

Get the tutorial at – Freutcake

24) Bean Pumpkin

Bean Pumpkin
Via: Delineate Your Dwelling

All you need for this is a pumpkin, a variety of different beans, and your creativity to guide you. You can form different patterns and shape with the beans, or even write some words.

Get the tutorial at – Delineate Your Dwelling

25) DIY Pine Cone Vase Filler with Fairy Lights

DIY Pine Cone Vase Filler with Fairy Lights
Via: To Simply Inspire

Wondering what to do with all those pine cones lying around? How about putting them in a vase alongside some string fairy lights. It’s simple, elegant and costs basically nothing.

You can also throw a couple of acorns, or miniature pumpkins in there too to make it even cuter.  

Get the tutorial at – To Simply Inspire

26) Glittered Acorns

Glittered Acorns
Via: Happiness is Homemade

Show off your cool collection of glittered acorns to your guests, with this simple DIY acorn decor.

Get the tutorial at – Happiness is Homemade

27) DIY Striped & Polka Dot 4×4 Wood Pumpkins

DIY Striped & Polka Dot 4×4 Wood Pumpkins
Via: Old Salt Farm

Got some spare wood laying around? Then try out the fabulous 4×4 wood pumpkins. With some paint and a bit of creativity, you can even conjure up some cool autumn-inspired designs of your own as well.

Get the tutorial at – Old Salt Farm

28) Illuminated Tree

Illuminated Tree
Via: The Fanciful Miser

One of the coolest DIY indoor luminary ideas to try out this season. The ribbon-suspended candles really give the tree the vibe it deserves.

Get the tutorial at – The Fanciful Miser

29) Natural Fall Wreath

Natural Fall Wreath
Via: Make Life Lovely

This all natural fall wreath is way cheaper to assemble that you think, and it looks just fantastic.

Get the tutorial at – Make Life Lovely

30) Yarn Pumpkins

Yarn Pumpkins
Via: Design Improvised

These yarn pumpkins are really cheap and easy to make, and just so adorable.

Get the tutorial at – Design Improvised

Which of these are you trying out this fall? Let me know down below.

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