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35 Almost Zero Calorie Foods To Eat For Rapid Weight Loss

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When it comes to losing weight effectively, we all know the importance of eating less calories than we expend.

One of the best ways to create this needed calorie deficit for weight loss, is filling our plate with low calorie foods that fill us up without blowing up our daily caloric intake.

These foods are also loaded with nutrients, which also contribute to keeping you healthy as well as in good shape.  

Here, you’ll discover 35 amazing foods with almost zero calories, which you can eat for rapid weight loss.

The Best Foods To Eat For Weight Loss

Calories are basically a measure of energy. Our bodies use energy every day. Some people, more than others. And this is based on a variety of factors such as body composition, age and activity level.

We get this energy from the foods we eat. Our bodies are designed in a certain way.

If you eat take in more energy (calories) than you expend every day, you will gain weight over time. Similarly, if you eat less than you expend, you will tend to lose weight.

However, to be able to lose weight effectively, you need to create a calorie deficit, that is, calories expended minus calories consumed.

Medical experts usually recommend a deficit of about 500 calories. If your deficit is too large, your body goes into starvation mode and locks away fat cells, making weight loss more difficult.

Also, it’s important to eat good nutritious food, rather than consuming food with empty calories, meaning they offer little to no nutritional value.

The best types of foods for weight loss are the ones packed with good nutrients, and also low in calories, helping you lose weight without starving, or depriving your body of good nutrition.

What About Negative Calorie Foods

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about almost zero calorie foods without addressing the concept of “negative” calorie foods.

Notice I said almost zero calorie foods, and not just zero. This is because all foods basically contain some sort of energy, and apart from water, which is the only thing that contains absolutely zero calories.

So now back to the negative calorie foods. What’s the concept behind it? And could it be true?

The concept behind it is this. We all know (or at least you now know) that your body requires energy to break down the food you eat.

Some people believe that certain foods, require more energy to break down, than the amount the food actually gives when eating.

Going by this logic, eating such foods would mean that your body uses more calories to break down the foods, than the amount of calories the foods themselves provide, thus creating a negative calorie count.

As interesting as this theory may sound, it unfortunately lacks any concrete evidence to back up such claims.

What we do know for sure is that certain types of food contain low calories, and lots of nutritional value, which makes them great for losing weight and staying healthy.

Now that that’s all cleared up, let’s look at 35 amazing almost zero calorie foods you should eat for rapid weight loss.

35 Almost Zero Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

Most of these are based on a one cup serving, unless stated otherwise.


Almost Zero Calorie Vegetables

These veggies are one of the best things to feel your plate with.

One good reasons why veggies in general are so good for weight loss is because apart from being super nutritious, a lot of them contain fiber, which can help improve the feeling of satiety.

By getting more greens on your plate, especially these almost zero calorie greens, you’ll find it easier to shed pounds.

1) Arugula – 5 calories per cup (125g)

2) Lettuce – 5.4 calories per cup (36g)

3) Chard – 6.8 calories per cup (36g)

4) Watercress – 3.7 calories per cup (34g)

5) Spinach – 7 calories per cup (30g)

6) Kale – 7.4 calories per cup (21g)

7) Bok choy – 9 calories per cup (70g)

8) Cucumber – 13 calories per cup (133g)

9) Mustard greens – 15 calories per cup (56g)

10) Celery – 18 calories per cup (110g)

11) Radishes – 19 calories per cup (116g)

12) Zucchini – 18 calories per cup (124g)

13) Cabbage – 22 calories per cup (89g)

14) Cauliflower – 25 calories per cup (100g)

15) Summer squash – 23 calories per cup (130g)

16) Mushrooms

  • (Morel) – 20 calories per cup (66g)
  • (Enoki) – 24 calories per cup (64g)
  • (White) – 15 calories per cup (70g)

17) Asparagus – 27 calories per cup (134g)

18) Fennel – 27 calories per cup (87g)

19) Tomatoes

  • (Yellow) – 21 calories per cup (149g)
  • (Orange) – 25 calories per cup (158g)
  • (Red) – 32 calories per cup (180g)

20) Bell peppers – 30 calories per cup

21) Green beans – 31 calories per cup (100g)

22) Broccoli – 31 calories per cup (91g)

23) Pumpkin – 30 calories per cup (116g)

24) Onions – 32 calories per 100g

25) Turnips – 36 calories per cup (130g)

26) Brussel sprouts – 38 calories per cup (88g)

27) Rutabagas – 37 calories per 100g


Almost Zero Calorie Fruits

Fruits are nature’s sweet gift to us. And even though most fruits tend to be high in natural sugars such as glucose and fructose, there are still a selected few that turn out to be on the lower calorie end of things.

These low calorie fruits are also super nutritious, and can be easily incorporated into your diet.

28) Watermelon – 30 calories per 100g or 46 calories per cup

29) Strawberry – 32 calories per 100g or 53 calories per cup

30) Lemon – 17 calories per fruit

31) Limes – 20 calories per fruit

32) Clementine – 34 calories per fruit (74g)

33) Peach – 32 calories per 100g or 60 calories per cup

34) Cantaloupe – 34 calories per 100g or 60 calories per cup

35) Honeydew melon – 36 calories per 100g or 61 calories per cup

Nutritional data from


Almost Zero Calorie drinks

Although drinks aren’t exactly considered “food” since you don’t eat them, I still think certain drinks deserve a shoutout when it comes to weight loss due to their lower calorie count.

Unlike sugar loaded, high calorie drinks such as sodas, fruit juices and alcohol, there are certain drinks that tip on the lower end of the calorie scale, which are no doubt good for people who are looking to lower their daily calorie intake.

  • Water – without a doubt, water is the best, literally. It is the only thing that contains absolutely zero calories. And it can actually help support weight loss if you drink enough.
  • Tea – Both black and green teas contain almost zero calories, except when served plain and unsweetened. They also offer tons of health benefits as well.
  • Coffee – Coffee, like tea, when served without any additive, contains also zero calories as well. There are also certain beliefs that it may help boost weight loss efforts
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Famous for its many health benefits, apple cider can be a healthy drink when taken in the right amounts. It is also very low in calories itself, and delivers even less considering you have to mix it with water to take it.

If you’re looking to lose weight, incorporating more of this almost zero calorie foods into your diet can help you cut calories, which in turn leads to weight loss.

Rather than eating way too less which leads to starving, focus more on eating healthier, nutritious, whole foods like the ones listed above.


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