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At MyBoldBody, our goal is to make the ketogenic diet as easy, simple and fun as possible.

Getting the results you want on the keto diet shouldn’t be difficult and we are here to prove it.

Here are the keto diet products and resources we recommend for easy, healthy and efficient keto living.

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Meal plans

Balanced keto weekly meal plans

Take the guesswork out of eating on keto.

Get easy and delicious recipes that will help you burn more fat easily, straight to your inbox every week.

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Low carb Keto weekly meal plans

Quit stressing and guessing what to eat on keto.

Get the best of easy and delicious fat burning recipes delivered straight to your inbox every week.

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Keto in 5 cookbook

Get the best fat burning recipes on keto.

With 120 easy and delicious recipes, 5 ingredients only, 5 easy steps and 5g maximum net carbs. All macros calculated

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Keto holiday cookbook

Enjoy the holidays keto style with easy and delicious keto holiday recipes that your whole family will love.


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The keto bundle

The complete 60 day program to help you lose weight on keto easily, balance your hormones, heal your body and live your best.


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Fat fueled

A complete 30 day program to help you heal you body, balance your hormones and fuel your best on the keto diet.

Live your best keto lifestyle.

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The keto beginning

A complete 30 day program to take you from keto beginner to fat burning female.

Lose weight and enjoy keto like you should.

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