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12 Delicious Keto Snack Recipes To Satisfy Your Cravings Easily

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Everybody loves a good snack every now and then. It may be for when you’re feeling hungry before meal time. Or just when you’re craving something nice to satisfy your sweet tooth.

On the keto diet, you need to keep your carbs low enough to be able to enter and maintain ketosis and burn fat efficiently. What this means is that your snacks need to be low carb and actually support ketosis.

There are a lot of low carb snacks you can enjoy on the ketogenic diet. Plus, there are also some ways to enjoy the low carb version of your favorite snacks that would ordinarily be too high in carbs.

Let’s take a look at the best snack options for a keto diet along with 12 easy and yummy keto snack recipes for you to enjoy.

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The best snacks on a keto diet keto

Once every now and then, we crave a snack. Sometimes because we are hungry and it’s not yet time for our next meal, or other times, we just want something to hold us off a little longer or to satisfy our cravings.

Regardless of the reason, we crave snacks nonetheless. Since keto is a low carb, high fat diet, your keto snacks need to follow the same criteria as well, so that you don’t kick yourself out of ketosis.

There are 2 main kind of ways to enjoy snacks on the ketogenic diet.

  1. One way is to enjoy certain low carb high fat food items as snacks
  2. Another way is to prepare simple and easy keto snacks at home

Either way works fine. Before we dive into the 12 easy keto snack recipes you can prepare, let’s look at some of the general keto friendly food items you can enjoy as snacks.

Keto-friendly snack ideas (no preparation needed)

Here are some keto-friendly snack ideas that are worth trying

  • Avocados – avocados are a wonderful high fat and low carb fruit you can enjoy. They contain only about 2g of net carbs per 100g which makes them a nice choice.
  • Nuts and seeds – these are another wonderful keto snack option since they tend to be low carb as well. However, they are quite easy to binge on, making the individual carb count to add up quickly, so take note. Almonds, walnuts, and pecans are all keto friendly nuts. You can find more low carb nuts in out keto food list
  • Hard boiled eggs – eggs are one of the quickest and easiest snacks you can enjoy. No huge preparation needed. Just hard boil the egg and you have a keto-friendly snack. Or you could buy a precooked one. Either ways, it’s a nice idea.
  • Olives – these are another on the go low carb snack options you can enjoy. They are low carb as well and you can even pack them to work.

These are some of the quickest keto friendly snack ideas you don’t necessarily need to prepare first.

But then, when you have a couple of spare minutes on your hands, there are quite a handful of easy and totally delicious keto snack recipes you can prepare.

Here they are

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12 easy keto snack recipes

1.) No bake Keto Nut Bar

Easy nut bar keto snack recipe
Via: Aussie Keto Queen

Like I said earlier, nuts and seeds are a perfect keto snack to enjoy. This simple keto nut bar doesn’t require any baking. Just simple steps to prepare, then store it in the freezer and you can enjoy it all through the week.

It is made with a combination of some nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts and chia seeds, as well as other wonderful ingredients like coconut and peanut butter to make a wonderful nut bar that doesn’t break.

Quite easy to prepare and you can always save some for later.

Recipe: No bake to nut bar – Aussie Keto Queen

2) No bake keto cookies

Keto no bake cookies
Via: How To This And That

Still on the subject of no bake keto recipes, here is a simple 5-minute keto cookie to enjoy. Made with butter and peanut butter, it has a nice fudge-like texture.

The total recipe gives 18 servings with 3.2g of net carbs per every 2 cookies (practically 1.6g net carbs per cookie). Apart from being really easy and quick to prepare, you can always save some for later by refrigerating it.

Recipe: No bake keto cookies – How To This And That

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3) Bacon & Cheese Cauliflower Muffins

Cheese bacon cauliflower muffins
Via: Ruled.me

These easy bacon and cheese cauliflower muffins can serve as a side dish or a wonderful keto snack.

Made by mixing the bacon, cheese, cauliflower as well as other ingredients, topping with cheese and baking for a couple of minutes, it gives a nice texture and delicious taste.

Each serving gives only about 2g of net carbs per serving so why not?

Recipe: Bacon & Cheese Cauliflower Muffins – Ruled.me

4) Low Carb Spicy Ranch Crackers

Ranch crackers keto snack recipes
Via: That Low Carb Life

Crackers are nice. They serve as a nice and tasty snack and thanks to this recipe, you can enjoy some crackers on keto too. These crackers are made using a special fat head dough, similar to the one used for your keto pizza crust.

They only take about 20 minutes total to prepare, and the crackers are extremely low carb. This spicy keto snack recipe gives 3g of net carbs per every 15 crackers. How cool is that?

Recipe: Low Carb Spicy Ranch Crackers – That low carb life

5) Fried Goat Cheese

Fried goat cheese keto snack recipe
Via: Keto Connect

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, this keto snack recipe is definitely one to try. The goat cheese is covered in coconut flour, eggs and pork rinds for better texture and taste.

This recipe is very quick and easy to prepare, needing only 13 total minutes for the entire process and delivering about less than 1.5g of net carbs per serving

Recipe: Fried Goat Cheese – Keto Connect

6) Keto chocolate muffins

chocolate muffins keto snack recipe
Via: Peace, Love And Low Carb

These are for when you need a delicious low carb snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. With only about 20 minutes needed and only 1.4g net carbs per serving, these are definitely a no brainer.

Recipe: keto chocolate muffins – Peace, Love and Low Carb

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 7) Low-carb cauliflower bacon popcorn

cauliflower and bacon popcorn
Via: Ditch The Carbs

Your regular popcorn is high in carbs and therefore not suitable for a keto diet. But that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to popcorn and start watching Netflix all differently now.

There’s a way you can prepare your very own low carb popcorn from cauliflower and bacon. If you want to up the taste a little, you can always throw in some parmesan.

This keto snack recipe only takes about 20 minutes to prepare and delivers 4g of net carbs per serving.

Recipe: Low-carb cauliflower bacon popcorn – Ditch the Carbs

8) No Bake Keto Peanut Butter Balls

No bake keto peanut butter balls
Via: The Big Man’s World

All natural peanut butter is relatively low in carbs, high in fats and fiber and moderate in protein, which makes it a keto friendly ingredient and therefore a key player in lots of delicious keto snacks like this one.

These no bake peanut butter balls only need 3 simple ingredients to get the “ball” rolling. Coconut flour, all natural peanut butter and your favourite low carb sweetener.

You only need 5 minutes to prepare this yummy snack and each serving comes out at only 1,5g of net carbs per ball. You can always freeze some to enjoy later.

Recipe: No Bake Keto Peanut Butter Balls – Big Man’s World  

9)Chocolate Brownie Keto Cookies

keto chocolate cookies bite
Via: My Life Cookbook

There’s no mentioning delicious snacks without mentioning cookies. Apart from just being a snack, when made with the right ingredients, they can turn out to be the perfect bundle of healthy and yummy.

These chocolate brownie cookies are soft, chewy and of course rather yummy. Made with cacao powder, chocolate chips, cream cheese and more, they can be enjoyed either for dessert or as a quick snack.

Each cookie is only at 1.2g net carbs and it only takes 25 minutes

Recipe: Chocolate brownie keto cookies – My Life Cookbook

10) Bacon chips and guacamole

bacon chips and avocado guacamole
Via: Paleo Hacks

If you love chips, then you’ll love this even more. This bacon chips and guacamole snack is the perfect replacement for your regular chips and dips. Tasty, crunchy and of course, keto friendly.

Be sure to use thick cut strips of bacon to make sure the bacon chips don’t crumble too easily. The guacamole can be made using mashed avocados, cilantro, diced onions and jalapeño.

You’ll definitely wished you had tried it sooner

Recipe: Bacon chips and guacamole – Paleo Hacks

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11) Chocolate Glazed Keto Donuts

Low carb donuts
Via: Keto Summit

Your normal donuts are way overloaded with carbs and would kick you out of ketosis quicker than you could say schnitzel. But these yummy keto donuts take things a step further.

Most of the high carb ingredients are replaced with the keto friendly versions and a low carb sweetener like erythritol or stevia is used to give the donuts a wonderful taste.

What’s better is that each donut is only about 1g of net carbs. Sprinkle the top with coconut flakes and enjoy.

Recipe: Chocolate Glazed Keto Donuts – Keto Summit

12) Chocolate Chip Coconut Bars

chocolate chip coconut bars
Via: Low Carb Yum

These yummy chocolate chip are made using chocolate chip cookies in a coconut based bar. It only takes about 30 minutes to prepare and each serving is only about 2g of net carbs.

It is a wonderful keto snack recipe worth trying

Recipe: chocolate chip coconut bars – Low Carb Yum

so next time you are craving a snack on keto, just remember there are lots of low carb snacks you can easily enjoy, as well as a ton of keto snack recipes you can easily prepare, enjoy and also save for later.

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