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13 Tasty Keto Smoothies That’ll Satisfy Your Cravings

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Smoothies are a wonderful blend of sweetness and greatness. They are really good for your health and body. And not to mention, go wonderfully well with a lot of occasions. Summer, spring, or even for random days when you just want to chill and relax.

Smoothies are made mainly from the combination of different fruits, and sometimes certain seeds and powders. The possibilities when it comes to smoothies are quite very vast with each having its peculiar benefits.

On the keto diet, there are lots of ways to prepare delicious smoothies and lots of ways you can incorporate it into your daily life. It could be a simple snack, or even meal replacement. There are lots of ways to enjoy keto smoothies.

Before we jump into this roundup, here are some reasons why smoothies are just great

  • They are the quickest and easiest thing to prepare
  • Smoothies are rich in nutrients which are good for your body and health
  • They are generally low calorie and therefore support weight loss
  • Smoothies are good for getting an energy boost
  • The options when it comes to making smoothies are almost endless

These are just some of the reasons you should be adding smoothies to your diet. Now, here are 13 delicious keto smoothie recipes to supercharge your health.

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1) Keto blueberry smoothie

Keto blueberry smoothie
Via: Fat For Weight Loss

Blueberries are nice, delicious and rich in nutrients like vitamin C, B9 and antioxidants which promote health. This keto blueberry smoothie combines the nutritional benefits of blueberries, MCT oil, and yoghurt among other wonderful ingredients.

The result? A deliciously satisfying and energy boosting keto smoothie. You could enjoy this as a breakfast replacement or a way to refuel after a workout. Regardless, its awesome and worth the shot.

Get the recipe at Fat For Weight Loss

2) Keto smoothie (berry mix)

Keto smoothie recipe berry mix
Via: Delish

What do you get when you mix 3 of your favourite berries into one exciting combo? You tell me yourself after trying this good looking keto berry mix smoothie. It combines the goodness of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries into one.

Blended with coconut milk and a bit of orange juice and topped with shaved coconut, there’s nothing more you could probably ask for.

Get the recipe at Delish

3) Strawberry avocado keto smoothie recipe

Low carb strawberry avocado smoothie
Via: Wholesum Yum

Avocados are something you’ll encounter in a lot of keto meals not just because of their high fat content but also because of their vast nutritional benefits. Strawberries are great as well and very much yummy and nutritious.

This simple, yet tasty keto smoothie uses only 4 ingredients to become a cool, creamy, healthy and of course keto friendly delight. And it can go well as a meal replacement or even a simple snack.

Get the recipe at Wholesum Yum

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4) Blueberry Banana Bread Smoothie

Blueberry banana smoothie recipe keto
Via: Ruled.me

Bananas are generally not allowed on the keto diet. This is because their carb content is pretty high and is more than enough to kick you out of ketosis. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out of their flavour forever.

This delicious keto smoothie recipe makes use of banana extract to keep the smoothie keto friendly. Bundled with flaxseed, chia seeds and your favourite sweeteners, the taste is sure to be nothing short of great.

Get the recipe at ruled.me

5) Healthy Keto Green Smoothie

Keto green smoothie recipe
Via: Keto Diet app

Green smoothies still rock the healthy train and this is no exception. Perfect for a quick, nutritious and delicious breakfast, this keto smoothie recipe has all the good ingredients and in the right proportion.

Made with coconut milk and yummified with low carb sweeteners and vanilla extract, you can be sure it tastes great. It’s loaded with lots of healthy ingredients as well as MCT oil giving you loads of energy and proper nutrients for the day.

Get the recipe at Keto Diet App

Keto mp1

6) Keto Smoothie Recipe with Avocado, Chia Seeds & Cacao

Avocado chia seeds keto smoothie recipe
Via: Dr. Axe

This is a nice dose of healthy, nutritious and satisfying. This nice looking keto smoothie combines the goodness of avocados, chia seeds and cacao amongst other fine ingredients into a glass of wonderful.

This simple recipe can turn into one of your favourites after a few tries.

Get the recipe at Dr. Axe

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7) Keto green smoothie

Keto green smoothie
Via: Green Healthy Cooking

For years, green smoothies have held the spot for being among the healthiest kinds of smoothies out there as well as being weight loss friendly. Adding the right vegetables along with proper ingredients does go a long way.

This keto green smoothie employs the benefits of spinach, cilantro and English cucumber amongst other ingredients like lemon and garlic to make a healthy green smoothie perfect for breakfast or any other worthy occasion.

It’s simple and easy but also very promising

Get the recipe at Green Healthy Cooking

8) Peanut butter low carb smoothie

Peanut butter low carb smoothie
Via: Food Faith Fitness

With just 5 simple ingredients and about 5 minutes’ worth of effort, you could be having the perfect breakfast replacement smoothie for days when you’re on the run or in a hurry.

Made with some nice peanut butter and almond milk among other ingredients, you can be sure it’s going to definitely taste as good as a glass of awesome

Get the recipe at Food Faith Fitness

9) Chai Pumpkin Keto Smoothie

Chia pumpkin keto smoothie recipe
Via: Healthful Pursuit

If you every feel like enjoying some pumpkin themed smoothies in the spirit of Halloween, then this is a perfect option for you. Made with coconut milk, and pumpkin puree, this yummy keto smoothie recipe is not only rich in fat and nutrients.

It also fits well with the occasion, although you can typically enjoy it any time of the year.

Get the recipe at Healthful Pursuit

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10) Avocado Smoothie with Peanut Butter and Collagen

avocado peanut butter smoothie
Via: My Keto Kitchen

Another avocado peanut butter keto smoothie recipe for you to enjoy. This one however, has some other ingredients that make it super healthy and nice like walnuts and collagen. Psyllium husk was also added for extra texture and thickness.

It’s a nice and yummy smoothie to try out.

Get the recipe at my keto kitchen

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11) Green Keto Smoothie Recipe with Avocado and Mint

keto green smoothie 2
Via: Low Carb Yum

The possibilities involving green smoothies just keep going on. For this recipe, mint leaves play a nice role in adding good taste to the smoothie, alongside the lemon and vanilla.

You can top with blueberries or strawberries for extra garnish. The result is always a nice, creamy keto-friendly smoothie fit for breakfast or even a normal snack

Get the recipe at Low Carb Yum

12) Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

chocolate avocado smoothie
Via: Tasteful Keto

This simple smoothie is as good as it gets. Creamy and loaded with energy, it can be a nice breakfast meal or just enjoyed when the sun starts getting a little too full of itself.

The cacao proportion gives its nice chocolatey flavour and there are enough nice tasting ingredients to ensure it comes out well. You can add cacao nibs as well if you want. Top with shaved coconut and slurp away.

Get the recipe at Tasteful Keto

13) Chocolate Berry Truffle Smoothie

Chocolate berry truffle smoothie
Via: The Keto Queens

Thick, creamy and nutrient packed. Plus, it tastes good, so why not? Mix your favourite berries, whipping cream and cacao and it already begins to seem irresistible.

Chill, serve and enjoy.

Get the recipe at the keto queens

So there you have it. 13 easy and yummy keto-friendly smoothies for you to enjoy. Smoothies are healthy, nutrient packed and also delicious. Incorporating them into your diet is definitely a no brainer considering their benefits.

And given the right ingredients, there are only so many ways to enjoy smoothies on the keto diet.

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